The Pediatric Exercise Research Laboratory in UBCO is pursuing the following areas of research:

  • creating a comprehensive understanding of the mechanisms by which cardiopulmonary and vascular adaptations to exercise occur in the child and adolescent;
  • generating a detailed appreciation of the impact prolonged sitting has upon cardiopulmonary and vascular function in childhood;
  • developing novel intervention strategies for the prevention and treatment of sitting-induced cardiopulmonary and vascular dysfunction in childhood.

Click here to see more information about Research Projects (the Kelowna Youth Project, the Prolonged Sitting and Brain Health project), Expeditions (Kids with Altitude, Sherpa Children), Opportunities and the International Pediatric Journal Club.

Pediatric Exercise Research Lab
PERL, UBCO, exercise testing

Pediatric Exercise Research Laboratory

Lead Academic: Prof. Ali McManus

PERL, UBCO, exercise testing