Please read through the details of what is required by the NASPEM Program Committee for consideration of your Abstract for presentation at NASPEM2020.  Full details are available here and on two other webpages under this drop-down menu: REGISTRATION>Presentation guidelines and REGISTRATION>Abstract example).  Following this, please prepare your Abstract, and then complete the submission form (webpage under this drop-down menu: REGISTRATION>Abstract submission).  When you have filled in the form, simply click on SUBMIT at the end of the form to send it directly to the NASPEM Program Committee.  

For students wishing to present, please note that, in order to qualify for the student award:

1.  The research must have been completed during a full-time graduate or undergraduate program;

2.  The student must have been responsible for carrying out the project (development of problem, data collection and analysis, writing the abstract and preparing presentation);

3.  The student must be a NASPEM student member.    Students may become members by visiting the NASPEM website (US$54).



Abstract content:

Each abstract should contain the following elements:

Purpose -- a sentence stating the study objective

Methods -- a brief statement of methods

Results -- a summary of the results obtained -- please add some data

Conclusion -- a statement of the conclusions

-- acknowledgements of funding source(s)

It is not satisfactory to say "the results will be discussed"

Limit your abstract body to 300 words

Tables and figures:
No tables or figures are allowed.

Use standard abbreviations for units of measure. Other abbreviations should be spelled out in full at first mention, followed by the abbreviation in parentheses.

You will also be required to fill in the following information.

Use a short, specific and declarative title (<15 words). 

Please list authors as initials then last name (family name).


Please list the affiliation (e.g. Department of Pediatrics, University of British Columbia) of the first author.



See Example Abstract here.